I bet that you’ve never observed a pup like me! I’m simply that adorable! My name is geumdong and playing is my game. I can hardly wait to meet my new family. We will have some good times together. We will take decent strolls, play loads of games, and when we’re set, we’ll twist up close to one another. Do you figure you could be the family for me? I trust so! Gracious, and did I notice that I give world-renowned little dog kisses? Try not to pass up them!

    Reproducer Screening

    Each individual from our reproducer network must pass an extensive, restrictive 100+ point screening measure that blows away USDA and state guidelines. For that very explanation, we acknowledge less than 10% of all potential reproducer candidates.

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    Scientfic Advisory Board

    Included perceived specialists in veterinary medication, creature sciences and canine government assistance, our Scientific Advisory Board effectively encourages us guarantee our industry-driving guidelines are sponsored by considerable science-based realities.

    The entirety of our puppies are raised by capable reproducers, however we require a wellbeing check report to be filled in the blink of an eye before your doggy returns home to you to guarantee that your little dog is solid and the check was later. This report is then assessed inside for any issues or concerns noted by the raiser’s veterinarian. When you get the pup home, we expect you to carry that person to your own veterinarian inside two days to re-check the little dog’s wellbeing.

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